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MST Group

The MST Group comprises three companies – MST Television, MST Communications and MST Exhibitions. Together we provide professional, comprehensive and integrated communications solutions. Since 1974, under the leadership of Managing Director Stephen Rogers, the MST Group has developed into a totally dedicated, skilled and cohesive organisation committed to offering the highest quality products and services in all media. BT Global Challenge 2000-2001

MST Communications

MST Communications is a conference production and event staging and management company. The portfolio of communications products and services includes the production of executive presentations, key-note speeches, graphic design for print and electronic/interactive media and website design. The company also has a dedicated service for staging and producing financial presentations and roadshows for the City, including Interims/Prelims/AGMs/Investor Briefings/Press Conferences and Announcements. It offers a 24-hour service to ensure a rapid response and guaranteed, on time delivery of all aspects of these crucial presentations. Thus Financial Presentation


MST Exhibitions

MST Exhibitions design and build stage sets and stands for exhibitions, displays, events and conferences. Other services include fitting-out roadshow exhibition trailers, showrooms and hospitality chalets for major events and product launches. The professional staff draws on over 20 years of experience to create products designed to enhance your brand and maximise the impact of the message. KaLL Stand Mobile World Expo 2000 Winner 'Best of Show Award'

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